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Tamarama Food Deck

Posted by Simon Lockrey on



Site: Private Residence, Tamarama, NSW 2026, Australia

Specifier/ Installer: Jon Kingston

Product used: 6 x Glowpear Cafe Planters

This impressive Tamarama residence is set into a cliff face, over the Pacific Ocean. The owners are culinary event stalwarts, so the need to provide commercial quality and volumes of fresh produce was paramount for this project. Also, the versatility of the garden to be mobile in lieu of the deck becoming an event space was required. Hence 6 Glowpear Cafe Planters were specified which consisted of banks of native edibles, staple herbs, exotic South East Asian greens, and hedging plants such as rosemary to protect the other produce from harsh sea breezes.

For more information on Jon's work, see our profile on him here.

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