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About Glowpear

The garden you never knew you had space for

Dreaming of a garden, but don’t think you have the space, time or know-how? Say hello to the Glowpear range – a selection of innovative planters that make gardening possible for even the busiest urbanite. With their clever modular design, Glowpear planters let you create the perfect garden for whatever space you happen to live in, from inner city balconies to indoor offices. Our planters also feature a smart integrated watering system, so your plants can drink whenever they are thirsty, and thrive all year round.

Designed in Australia, Glowpear planters are available to buy online and can be delivered to 150 countries worldwide. Which means more green fingers and more homegrown goodness, right across the globe.

5 reasons to love Glowpear planters

  • 50 shades of green (and counting). From decorative succulents and flowers, to fragrant herbs and heirloom veggies, Glowpear planters are designed to grow a wide range of things – letting you cultivate whatever takes your fancy.
  • Tough, but good-looking. With their clean, contemporary design and hard-wearing construction, Glowpear planters will stand the test of time, even in the wilds of the concrete jungle.
  • The high-rise harvest. You don’t need fifty acres (or even a backyard) to farm fresh produce. Glowpear planters are great for homegrown herbs and vegetables, which means less waste, no nasty chemicals and fewer trips to the supermarket.
  • Never forgets to water. Thanks to unique self-watering technology, Glowpear planters always keep your garden healthy and hydrated. Just fill up the water reservoir and your plants will absorb whatever water they need. Perfect if you’re busy, or just like to keep things low maintenance.
  • Moves with you. Featuring modular design and flexible irrigation, Glowpear planters are super versatile – you can even combine units to create a garden customised to your space. And when you move, just take your planters with you and reconfigure as you like.

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