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 How do I take care of my Glowpear garden?

The good news is, Glowpear planters have been designed to be low maintenance, so there’s not a whole lot you’ll need to do. Made of HDPE plastic resin that’s been UV protected, our planters survive all sorts of outdoor conditions. 

You can clean the plastic surfaces of Glowpear products by hand with soap and warm water. If you encounter any stubborn stains, we recommend using a home-made cleaning solution made up of 1/3 bleach and 2/3 water solution. This shouldn’t affect the colour of your Glowpear planter. 

The only other trick to remember is flushing your planter’s water reservoir. We recommend doing this every 3-6 months to prevent the water from becoming stagnant. Just remove one screw plug from each end of the planter (outside) and allow the contents of the reservoir to drain. Once all the water has drained out, use a hose at one end to flush out the reservoir for a minute or two, allowing the water to run freely from the opposite end. Drain it out again, re-apply the screw plugs (ensuring they are fitted tightly), and you’ll be ready to return to watering as usual.

Will Glowpear planters seriously do the watering for me?

For the most part, yes it will – that’s how it’s been designed! Glowpear planters all feature an integrated water reservoir, which plants draw from automatically. So in general, all you need to do is keep this adequately topped up (the water level indicator will tell you when it’s time to replenish). 

That said, if you prefer to water manually you can still do that using a garden hose or watering can. Depending on where your Glowpear planter is situated, rainwater may also help keep plants hydrated. See more on watering your Glowpear below:

For those who really like to ‘set and forget’, we’re developing a Glowpear Automatic Watering Kit that clips on to your hose – when it’s available, we’ll let you know. 

Do I have to worry about my Glowpear leaking?

The Glowpear Urban Garden comes with a clip-on drip tray, which will protect you from spills caused through over-filling (especially handy if you want to garden indoors). However, the Café Planter and Mini Wall and Rail planters are designed for the outdoors, so there may be some overflow. Just be mindful when you’re watering, or after times of significant rain.

Do I need to be a DIY ninja to assemble a Glowpear planter?

Nope, we’ve made it easy peasy. All our products come with assembly instructions included in the box, but if you happen to misplace them, feel free to  download a copy here for the Urban Garden, and for our Minis, More on setting up your Glowpear is in the video below:

Checkout the video below on how to assemble an install a Glowpear Mini Wall

What goes into good soil?

There’s definitely more to soil than meets the eye (we’ve written a whole article on it if you’re interested). Essentially, healthy soil needs a few key ingredients:

  • Fertiliser. This can be organic or inorganic, and may come in powder, pellets, or liquid form. Its job: to increase the fertility of your soil, so there’s more for plants to feed on. When you start out, potting mixture you buy will generally have some fertiliser mixed in, but this will only last a few weeks – so we recommend adding fertiliser regularly over time.
  • Trace elements. These are chemical elements that soil needs to have in tiny quantities to maintain proper physical functioning. Common elements that may be found in a quality potting mix include Iron, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Molybdenum, and Boron.
  • Perlite. This is a naturally occurring volcanic rock, which looks like light, fluffy granules (like popcorn grains in your soil). They can hold four times their weight in water so they’re perfect for keeping plants consistently hydrated.
  • Tree bark fines. These are often added to potting mix to create air spaces, and allow moisture and nutrients to be retained. Pine bark is the most common variety.

How do I redeem a Glowpear Money gift vouchers?

Easy – just visit the Shop section of our site, and use Glowpear Money for anything you want. Then go through to the checkout and enter your unique code to claim your voucher.

What are the delivery options?

All mainland US shipping is free. To Canada, Minis are $50, and Urban Gardens $100 shipping.

When will my Glowpear planter arrive?

Our products will usually arrive within 2-8 working days, depending on how far it has to travel to reach you! 

Can Glowpear planter solutions be tailored to suit specific environments?

Yes they can. We have provided custom solutions for offices, cafés, public areas, nursing homes and large-scale residential spaces. Whether it’s contributing to green space required by City Hall, or enhancing a design concept, Glowpear planters can be integrated into commercial and residential interiors in a range of ways. We love working with clients on concepts like these, so if you’d like to discuss an idea, please drop us a line.


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