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What Would Worms Dream of?

Posted by Andrew Wallace on

Soil is one of the most important elements required to grow high yielding, flourishing plants. A healthy planting soil mix comprising the right balance of pH, nutrients, and aeration can be the difference between gardening perfection and failure, no matter how good the garden or gardener. With this in mind, the Glowpear® Urban Garden is designed to provide premium growing conditions with a minimum of effort so you can rest assured, your plants will thrive, regardless of your busy lifestyle.

Soil Essentials

Plant your vegetables, herbs and flowers in the right soil and you'll see them flourish!

The Glowpear Urban Garden is designed to be compatible with a wide range of soil preparations; however, for optimal results we recommend you use a quality base soil, preferably organic.

Selecting a quality soil can be hard work, so we have prepared the following simple checklist to help take the guesswork out of it.

Soil Checklist

Your Glowpear Urban Garden self watering container will love a soil mix soil that contains the following elements (for more on these visit our FAQ page): 

  1. Fertilizer

  2. Trace Elements

  3. Perlite

  4. Bark Fines

We also recommend using a water saving mulch on the top surface of the planting soil to stop evaporation and conserve water.

Finally, it's also a good idea to use gloves as some nasty organic compounds in plant soil can permeate the skin. Best to stay safe!

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