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Carrie Forest – California Dreamin’

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Carrie Forrest is California-based blogger sharing inspiration for healthy, balanced living. 

Her professional background is in non-profit healthcare fundraising and masters degrees in business administration and in public health (nutrition).

With that expertise, her online business is intended to inspire, inform, and connect with people interested in finding health and balance.

She loves sharing recipes using ingredients that she finds supportive to good health, often gluten- and dairy-free, using real food ingredients. 



When Carrie and her husband Alan moved to Pismo Beach on the coast north of LA, they dreamt of living a clean and green lifestyle in practice. They soon discovered Glowpear, and got to work  setting up an urban garden on their compact patio. 

Alan set their Glowpear Urban Gardens up in the living room to get a sense of scale, and then the pair moved the planters outside to plant up.

Then Carrie weaved her organic magic, with herbs and cucumbers for her first ever gardening experience.

"I bought small organic starter plants because I didn’t feel confident enough to start from seed. I later added some trellises for the cucumbers that went absolutely nuts!" Carrie says.

"I’ll probably plant a fall/winter garden at the end. of this season, but for now, I’m so enjoying the edible greenery." Carrie says.  

Sounds like a good plan to us Carrie!

Read more about Carrie's story here


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