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Don Applebee - Living the dream!

Posted by Simon Lockrey on

Don Applebee is 65 years young and has always been a keen gardener.
Raised on a dairy farm with an agricultural secondary education Don had a green thumb from an early age. He is presently working in the spare parts Industry for trucks and light commercial vehicles, so as you'd expect this guy is pretty handy.  
Living with his wife Mary, they enjoy also pottering in the garden and looking forward to fresh produce on-demand to pick fresh for cooking or sharing with others when their crops produce plentiful.
Having recently moved into a retirement village in Brooklyn Park in Adelaide, Don has a fully paved back yard area so he had to be resourceful and come up with a way to continue gardening.
"I was very lucky to find Glowpear MInis and the Urban Gardens, and have had a couple of years of productive gardening with plentiful crops," Don quips. "I have made wheeled platforms to move the large beds around to get the best of the weather conditions."
The small beds are placed on a three-tier bench to make the planting and harvesting process easier.
"I have three more to go to complete the third row, and then I can look forward to many years of happy gardening!"
Looks like you're already living the dream Don, in your own little urban jungle!

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