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Jamie Cunningham - Nashville Nights

Posted by Simon Lockrey on

Nashville is fast becoming a go-to food destination in the US, and Jamie Cunningham is at the forefront of the revolution.

A leading light in the US coffee industry, Jamie Cunningham has nearly 10 years of experience developing commercial culinary ventures and programs for the Barista Guild of America.

More recently Jamie has expanded his repertoire to restaurants, as director of Nashville based Golden Rule Hospitality. Jamie's latest Nashville venture is a restaurant, bar and coffee bean roastery,  Stay Golden Restaurant & Roastery, which opened the doors in August 2018. The initiative is the result of a partnership between coffee and hospitality experts, set up as a community-minded concept featuring a full-service restaurant complete with coffee and cocktail bar, an onsite coffee bean roastery, a private event space and hydroponic gardens.

For the latter, Jamie needed a planting system that worked. "Knowing where the produce we serve is grown or by whom they are grown is incredibly important. We buy coffee beans, meat, and produce from farmers we know and trust. That said, our seasons often limit our ability to serve products we love all year. We've turned to Glowpear to help us grow heirloom tomatoes, herbs, edible flowers no matter what month of the year."

Sustainability is also key to Jamie's vision. "Because we are composting everything from food waste to paper cups, we are able to send almost zero trash to landfills. Stewarding our resources well is one of our core values and Glowpear helps us express this more fully."

Jamie has even grander gardening plans for another upcoming Nashville venue. "In our next space, we will continue to utilize the Urban Garden to grow produce, but are extending Glowpear's reach a bit. We will trace the outside edge of our interior with Glowpear Minis. They will be on custom shelving just above the guest's reach and will house beautiful foliage and flowers, just to brighten the space and add life!" 

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