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Nicole Law – Art is Nature

Posted by Simon Lockrey on

Nicole Law is an artist, focusing on organic forms inspired by nature, with a particular fondness for native Australian flora. The real 'art' of her creative practice though is not so much the content, but the process.

Firstly, she tries to work daily, and secondly, she works within her limits. As a full-time mum she purposefully limits her media and palette, and can get on with drawing even with only a ten minute window in a day. We asked Nicole why she joined the Glowpear family. "We love our Urban Garden - as renters we don’t have much opportunity to make gardens 'ours', so the Urban Garden gives us a way to not only plant whatever we like, but its also a way to show our kids where food comes from. Our first planting is the 'Spring Harvest' cocktail - the lettuces are going well, but there has been a bit of collateral damage thanks to our 15 month-old being rather fond of pulling out the seedlings around the perimeter! It doesn’t hurt that the Urban Garden is a bit of a looker too!"
You can check out Nicole's work at, or on Instagram, just look for her art is certainly on our gift list for the artistically inclined ;)

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