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Paul and Angela – NY City Living

Posted by Simon Lockrey on

Paul and Angela are New Yorkers, who have been married now for 15 years.

Whilst Angela works in the medical field, Paul spends most of his time in broadcasting, and performing hip-hop around the US as UncommonNasa.

When the couple were able to buy their own home, they didn't want the traditional house with a picket fence and yard.

They wanted to live in an urban building with edge, however not too far from where they grew up. In their search they found a great place in an up-and-coming neighbourhood of their native Staten Island, a quintessential part of the fabric of New York City.

"Living an urban lifestyle is something we really cherish, but that didn't mean we didn't want to enjoy gardening, or some level of greenery in our lives." Paul says.

"We were clueless when it came to actually putting that sort of thing together on our modest balcony. Then Angela came across Glowpear online and it looked perfect."

They wandered into a gardening store, bought some soil, herbs and outdoor season plants, and before they knew it, they had an urban forest on their balcony.

"A friend visiting from Maine commented that he'd never seen basil that tall anywhere, and we had it right in our Glowpear in the middle of a busy street, five floors up" Angela remarked.

"We've been eating the herbs we grow, and gifting bunches to friends as well, all winter!"

They can't wait to do this all over again, this time with a little more experience!

Click here for more on UncommonNasa


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