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Wanda Hernadi – A Green Epiphany

Posted by Simon Lockrey on

Wanda Hernadi is one Glowpearian who knows where she's going. Her corporate career and busy lifestyle mean she's always on the go, however she took the time to write to us recently to share her  "green" epiphany.

"It was but a subtle beckoning to reconnect with a more basic, zen way of sustainable, environmentally savvy living. This ephiphany was no doubt the resultant of our crazy, hectic urban lifestyle at its most busiest. It was a slow realisation that the zen that I was seeking was typically found to be the most basic. One of these return to basics for me is simply growing our own organic herbs and seasonal vegetables, integrating it with our cuisine and plating it on the table shared over conversation and laughter with family & friends. Backyard farming is an opportunity to bring part of the agrarian movement back to your own backyard (or in our case courtyard as well). I believe in lazy gardening, I do like the aesthetics and all thing pretty & luxe."

 Wanda goes on to talk about her new urban garden. "As an example, the Glowpear is the perfect sustainable and functional addition to our garden & courtyard. Although nature and urban can sometimes seem mutually exclusive, the idea of living that little bit environmentally savvier as a means of both comfort and lifestyle is very much achievable. ...and of course done with a little glamour and pizzazz!" We think Wanda is onto something!


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